Kompong Speu province governor calls for citizens Having just returned from the country, he was separated for 14 days and taken to four different locations: Kampong Speu Provincial Hospital, Kampong Speu High School. Father, prince and Cambodia-Korea Rural Development Center for Kovid 19 Treatment

On the morning of March 23, 2020, HE WY Samnang, Governor of Kampong Speu Provincial Council led the team to inspect and prepare the site for inspection. Treat Kiv 19 patients if this happens in the territory of Kampong Speu.

The four locations are Kampong Speu Provincial Referral Hospital, Kampong Speu High School, Prince Father's High School, and the Cambodia-Korea Center for Rural Development, apparently with a larger location. Spacious and well-ventilated, plenty of clean water and electricity, and comfortable room Provincial Government decided to select the location of the Cambodia-Korea Rural Development Center in four locations for the reception and treatment of patients. 19 In the case of this disease.

Chairman of the Board of Governors, Mr. Wai Samnang, also called on those who have just returned from the country to stay separate from others. 14 days to follow up on your health if you suspect that you have Wilivirov 19 please contact 115 or hospital Nearest to you.

Please note that as of now, there have been no confirmed cases of polio in 19 provinces, but please all citizens Contribute to the spread of the disease by adhering to clean living, washing your hands and washing your hands frequently with soap. Lap