Kompong Cham Provincial Anti-Illicit Committee Chairman Kom Chand-19, on March 24, 20, has assigned his team to launch a district-wide campaign on the province using a microphone to disseminate methods of prevention and control. Infection from the disease (Covid-19).

Following the recommendation of the Chairman of the Committee for the Prevention of Disease, Covid-19, Kampong Cham Province on March 24, 2020, the force of the Batheay district administration used cars and microphone broadcasters to return to the working class. At home, you have to live separately from family for 14 days to make sure you do not have polio 19 and on Leach from these infections to their families if they contain the disease.

In addition, anyone with any of the symptoms of a coronavirus 19 should report it to a health worker by telephone 115 or to a nearby health center for medical personnel to be examined and treated promptly. .

We also urge all citizens to follow the Government's guidelines on measures to prevent and control the spread of the disease. Therefore, to prevent the spread of the disease as well as to rescue and treat the victims in time.

Meanwhile, Kompong Cham provincial director of the National Anti-Illness Commission (Covid-19) has instructed all relevant officials, including local authorities and authorities, to be disseminated in the village and in the backyard. A home for the people to understand and participate in the prevention of the disease.