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Kol Davy Wants to Have Her Baby by the end of 2020 after she joins her Sok maintained for several years.

The duo have been holding hands for a couple for about two years, but have yet to receive any word of a possible pregnancy Dara was at the wedding with her and after all she had children. However, Kol Davy recently confirmed that she does not want to delay any more. She plans to have a baby by the end of the year.

Kul Davy says, "I really want to have children as soon as I get older, even though I am older There is a lot of art market. The baby is a wish between me and my husband, but when I have a baby, I can't say Expect this year. ”

Notably, when asked for a press release, Koval Davy was always out and confirmed that she was. Want to have a baby soon and possibly this year.
Kol Davy and Blues singer Sok Saveth after two years of marriage Its sexy, appropriately sexy, unlike before.

Despite his age, Koval Davy still has a market for his art, while Mr. Sok keeps seemingly away from the mainstream art. Return to Government Framework ៕ (Edited by: Bopha)