Koh Kong Provincial Governor Mrs. June Phuong on April 29, 2020 led a team of Cambodian Red Cross donates to poor people, three elderly women living in Khemarak Phoumint town, Koh Kong province, Smach commune. 10 families in Meanchey commune, 10 families in Sangkat Stung Treng, 12 families in total of 32 families.

On this occasion, Ms. Pho Phut said that despite the global outbreak of KDD 19, the Cambodian Red Cross is still paying close attention, especially to the relief of Samdech Kittipritt Bunbany. Hun Sen, President of the Cambodian Red Cross Always Threatens to the Health and Living of the People Trend basis irrespective of politics, religion, color, where there was a Red Cross regardless of difficulties near or distant rainstorms Cross arrived immediately.

The Governor also advised all our citizens to be alert for the Kovirus 19, which must be kept clean, sanitary and hygienic, and regularly follow the instructions of the Ministry of Health, Hospital and the team. Doctor and we need to take part in the prevention of the spread of the HIV virus.

She added that if you have any doubts about their health or their children, they should go to the nearest hospital or health center for your doctor's check-up and consultation and make sure you keep them clean. Disseminated by the Ministry of Health and the Government.

Gifts for all 32 poor families were also given: 25 kg of rice, food, water, alcohol, hand washing and some money.