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Kandal Province Gets Low Price With No Buyer Every year, the growers lose hope of continuing to grow the crop – contrary to the thinking of the farmer Planted with the disease 19 will increase vegetable prices.

A farmer in Prek Salt commune, Saang district, said that he always used to grow garlic for sale. Resale in Phnom Penh market but for this year, his garlic has no buyer, which is why he decided to cut it. Grab a few drops to make some money The dealers pay for oil, fertilizers, pesticides and petty.

The same farmer said that the garlic he planted used hundreds of kilograms of water, watering every day Many fertilizers are for the good, but when taken or sold, no dealers or bosses come to see That. The garlic gradually dropped, he initially sold for 1,000 kilograms, but arrived. Now, there are no bosses or dealers to ask for it, only the sellers come and pull them off.

The source said the garlic was expected to be costly because of the disease Kov 19 did not import garlic. Coming from home, the thought was the opposite of leaving him with no buyers left on the land A lot.

According to farmers who grow the same garlic, the garlic sold in the market has been ordered. Over 10k to 20k per day, he paid around 2500 riels per kilo, but he paid a flat fee of 500 riels. For the cut and washed garlic, you can take only 2000 riel.

The source also said the remaining garlic was to be cleared for seed to grow later, but he said Hopeless to grow garlic because of the cheap price of garlic leaves.

At this point, the farmer also called on the Ministry of Agriculture, Fisheries and Fisheries as well as the government to consider the vegetable market as well as the price Also, the garlic leaves get expensive so that the growers can sell the money to pay for the goods Like gasoline, fertilizer, pesticides, or else he would Bank poisoning is increasing as the capital comes.

Sok, who is also a garlic farmer, complained that cheap garlic would stop him from wanting to grow garlic. This time, they couldn't pay the goods. He says that every year garlic is affordable, but for this year, despite the disease of 19, garlic remains But there is no value beyond the government's calls, as well as the Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries.

According to a visit to the site, the island found that farmers who grow garlic appear to look like garlic. In the heat of the day, he saw a good planting, but there was no buyer.