Phnom Penh: A beautiful young woman who some people are famous for She walked slowly, fainted, lost her sleep until someone posted that she had died, but now she is awake and recovering. Get in a tuk-tuk as usual.

According to sources at the scene, the woman was Chinese and she could not speak Khmer. Presumably, the reason for her falling asleep on the sidewalk might have been the effects of alcohol, drugs, or possibly Have a mental illness.

However, at this time it is not known exactly why the Chinese woman with facial scar She had already taken a tuk-tuk to her place of residence.

Please note that the incident occurred at 8:40 am on 16th April, 2020 along the village road 30m Phase 3, Sangkat Steung Mean Chey 3, Khan Meanchey. By: Hong Hong
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