The clip shows the inhumane acts of violenceIt was a brutal act against an electrician in Pailin's school district due to a power outage caused by a group of mongrel insurgents. 504 has caused people to become angry with users of social networks.

According to a Facebook account, San Prum shared this story: Border Patrol 504 Leads to Hit Power Workers Disabled for Paying Months | Leading factions to provoke and provoke violence on staff So, according to some of the informants, the reason why Chief 504 is late to pay for the fire, is because he drowned. Losing heavy casino games, we will wait for clarification from the 504 Division.

Involved on the story of the 504 Border Protection Officer bringing a violent companion on such a staff member, including an account Aliza Daystar said: “Despite his poor behavior, he is handicapped. One must not resort to violence because:

1. As a civil servant, there is a duty to serve the people of the country, to have the attitude and personality of others.

2. Civil servants are also citizens, acting like other citizens, with the regular payment of any service The society, without following the regulations of any company it uses, is liable for any penalties imposed on such measures Other citizens

3. Not to be blamed on people with disabilities who are as incompetent and as valued as the general population may be convicted of. Defamation and persecution of shame

Therefore, please ensure that all those in authority respect and abide by their obligations under the laws of the country. The people resent and dishonor the other civil servants who strive for the nation (sitting on the law equivalent to insulting the law equal to the national insult) "

A Facebook account called "Mother's Smile is Your Baby" also shared: "He was As a staff member, without the command of the chief, he also does not cut off the fire, and the other is the commander Not to talk to the president, how come the violence on him as a disabled employee Serve them … Talk to each other How to do this self-harm as well as other forces …: pensive :: pensive :: pensive: Why don't you get some ideas? "

However, now people are waiting to see what action by HE Manet and Samdech Hun Sen on the faction. How is the soldier above …? ៕ By: Hong Hong