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North Korean leader Kim Jong-un arrives in his father's grave on February 16 On the occasion of his birthday, that was his first public appearance in three weeks while the COVID-19 virus was on the way. Sowing unrest in neighboring China.

North Korean official newspaper RODONG SINMUN reports that Kim Jong Un paid homage to his father, Kim Jong. Il at the KIMSUSAN Sun Palace, Pyongyang, where the father and his grandfather were founders of the DPRK regime M'hil Sung.

North Korea reacts strongly to China's emergence of the COVID-19 virus, closing its borders and suspending its operations Air and rail relations with China are also one of the closest.

Pyongyang has not reported anyone infected with the virus in its territory. But the country's authorities have suspended all foreign tourist travel and extended the stay to 30 days for tourists. Suspected people carry the virus, including foreigners. Excerpt from the website: yahoo (Edited by: Bopha)