North Korea's official news agency, the KCNA, reported on July 19 that its leader Kim Jong Un had resigned. He chaired a meeting of the Central Military Commission of the Korean Workers' Party and discussed issues aimed at strengthening the country's military.

According to the KCNA, the July 18 meeting also focused on the strategic mission of key military units to deal with the situation. The military around the Korean Peninsula will approve special production plans. The open meeting discussed issues related to improving the Party's education and the direction of commanders and recipients.
Responsible for the army's politics and highlight the need for the army to fulfill
Add young commanders.

Then there was a secret meeting to review the strategic mission of the special forces to deal with the military situation around the Korean Peninsula. Potential military threats and discuss key issues of further consolidation, these units as a means of expanding the credibility of war Of the country.

War credibility is a term commonly used to refer to nuclear weapons and ballistic missiles. No action has been taken against South Korea. Excerpted from the website: yna