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Every year, many Cambodian people visit their hometown on Khmer New Year in the middle of the month. April is considered an important time for family gatherings. But this year's Khmer New Year may not be as fun as it was years ago, as people around the country worry An estimated 19 HIV infections are infecting nearly 800,000 people worldwide and nearly killing them Forty thousand.

In Cambodia, the situation is not as severe as most countries in the world. As of March 31, Cambodia had detected 109 cases of HIV infection. And Cambodia has not yet died of the virus.

However, the Royal Government of Cambodia has taken important steps to combat the HIV virus. Cambodian Prime Minister Hun Sen on April 30 announced the closure of all casinos across the country to prevent the infection of the Kov 19 Prohibits the export of rice and rice to ensure adequate food supply for the people in case of the Kovir 19 virus Continue to spread in Cambodia. He also said that the law would put the country in a state of emergency.

For New Year's Day, Samdech encouraged Cambodians to hold this event in their homes and avoid crowded gatherings. Much to prevent infection with the CAV 19.

During the Khmer New Year, Cambodian people take many days off and generally take this time Each travels to his hometown or travels abroad.

Every year, Phnom Penh is a quiet city, with most people visiting their hometown and traveling abroad. .

But this year, human travel could be dampened by fears of a possible infection with the Kov 19 virus .

It is clear that Cambodians will not have to travel abroad due to the serious condition of the Kiwi epidemic D 19 in the world.

But what about traveling back home? Interrogated by some, they said they might not visit their homeland for fear of infection Cote d'Ivoire 19

Others say they will visit the countryside to meet their brothers and parents because this is an important time for them, especially factory workers And you come to work in Phnom Penh, but there are hometowns in the provinces.

It may require careful and self-conscious decision-making on infection with HIV-1 in Cambodia Who decided to visit his hometown at the time of the outbreak of the HIV virus.

Worldwide, countries with severe KV 19 conditions have imposed travel restrictions and allow people to stay At home if not necessary. This is because travel is thought to be one of the causes of the infection and transmission of the HIV virus from person to person Another person.

In Cambodia, where the situation is not as severe as in many countries, the government has not yet reached the stage of blocking or banning travel People, despite advising people to avoid mass gatherings and recommend closing concerts and concerts Massed and closed schools throughout the country .

For the government, a decision to ban travel might be possible, and the law of putting the country in a state of emergency may To be promulgated if the government deems the situation of the HIV / AIDS epidemic 19 to be serious in the future. But now, putting the country in a state of emergency is not necessary.

At this stage, Cambodians must be constantly on the lookout for government guidance to take part in the fight against the virus Wick 19.

As for the journey, it requires all the people to seriously consider the necessity of the trip The risk of the HIV infection 19 may have been caused by the trip.

Careful consideration and self-defense will help Cambodians to travel peacefully and stay safe from infections and infections. HIV infection 19.

The government has previously voiced its concern over the return of more than 50,000 Cambodian workers Thailand and asked them to put themselves aside for 14 days to monitor their health and prevent infection. For a loved one in the family 19

So make every effort to be careful and only travel if necessary. (Edited by: Bopha)