Phnom Penh: Khmer Beverage Company, a subsidiary of Chip Mong on April 15, 2020, has donated a total of more than 2,500 cases of bottled water, juice and juice to law enforcement, who are blocking the road crossing the border. All provinces.

Khmer Berriesis also sponsors 10 cartons of bottled water, 10 drops of fruit juice and two umbrellas.

Kong Kosal, marketing director of Khmer Beerjee, said: “This water and beverage donation is an extra contribution, apart from the funding and products that Chip Mong donated to the government to use in the fight against Ivory virus 19 ".

In 2020, Khmer Beerjury has donated 33,000 cases of bottled water to five hospitals, including the Cambodia-China Friendship Hospital, Kantha Bopha Hospital, Calmette Hospital, the National Children's Hospital and the Khmer-Soviet Friendship Hospital. In addition, he donated 3,000 cases of bottled water and $ 500,000 to the Ministry of Health and another $ 500,000 to the Cambodian Red Cross.

Khmer Beerjury is a Cambodian brewery, energy drink, WURKZ, orange juice, IZE, Cambodian bottled water, espresso, Barrley Black and Kodo beer.