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Phnom Penh: Khmer Beverage Company, a major local beverage maker, has donated a number of Cambodian bottled water. 6,000 cases to Calmette Hospital for the hospital to distribute to patients in hospital and to Use for physicians and individuals The medical staff as well.

Speaking at the handover ceremony of 6,000 cases of drinking water to Calmette Hospital on the afternoon of February 13, 2020 White said that the current donation of Calmette's drinking water to the hospital is aimed at promoting a shared culture He is a Cambodian child and also wants Cambodians Get the best quality Khmer made drink and made by Khmer kids.

The company representative said that the donation of the drink now also shows love on Valentine's Day Arrived to be a model in society, to share with each other under any circumstances.

Mr. Mao Pisey, Director of the Administrative Office of Calmette Hospital, thanked Khmer Beverage Company for its contribution. Up to 6,000 cases of bottled water are being given to hospitals for patients in hospital and for medical teams and staff. Hospitals are also working.

He added that the spirit of Khmer Beerjee Company is now hopeful for all patients and medical staff May the company succeed in the business and gain the support of the Cambodian people on the products of Khmer Beer Gis.

In addition to Calmette Hospital, Khmer Brewery has also donated drinking water to four major hospitals. Others include Kantha Bopha Hospital 4, Preah Kossom Hospital: Khmer Soviet Friendship Hospital and National Children's Hospital, all There are 33,000 cases. Co-edited (Edited by: Bopha)