Phnom Penh: Information Minister Claims Correlation with Coronary Disease (COVID-19) Which is attacking the world as well as Cambodia, it will disappear at any moment, but what is not lost is history will notice human nature Discriminate.

Information Minister Khieu Kanharith told Facebook on March 21, 2020: "COVID-19 is attacking the world but It will disappear, which is not going away. History will note the generosity of people, the oppression of the narrow, the discriminatory.

“We are living in the same society, we want to live the same way, the Muslim Khmer people must now understand that we are not divided, not right Despair, you meek ones, to your own shame;

According to a Facebook post, Kon Damrey Srok Page Officail reported on March 21, "At this time, the Muslim Brotherhood of the district Memot is cooperating for testing Covid19 at Memot district's referral hospital to take part in the prevention of the disease and eliminate any question of discrimination. . I would like to thank some of the Cambodian Muslims in Memot district who have family members back from Malaysia for participating in the Covid- 19 Subsequent to the recommendation of the medical team and concerned management. As of March 20, 2020, Memot County Referral Hospital conducted a Covid19 test for Cambodian siblings whose families had just returned. Six of those Malaysia were negative.

Cambodia's Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Interior HE Sar Kheng Kheng speaks at the Ministry of Interior in the morning of Friday, March 20, 2020. Lead a meeting on anti-retroviral measures called covovirus 19 (COVID-19) related to discrimination Khmer brothers and sisters Who was found with Banco 19. After the religious ceremony in Malaysia.

"The Royal Government of Cambodia and the Government of Cambodia strongly oppose this discriminatory act, whether our Muslim brothers or any other expatriate who is in trouble," he said. We take care of it all.

Following the epidemic of HIV / AIDS in Cambodia, Cambodia's Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Interior HE Sar Kheng made an appeal to all Cambodians. Do not discriminate on color and color, and any person posting false information on Kod-19 will be liable.

After the meeting of the Kovi-19 disease prevention measures on March 20, 2020 at the Ministry of Interior, Mr. Kranh Kheng said. The Royal Government has also advised the Cambodian people not to be discriminated against, nor to discriminate against them.

"Samdech Techo, you have advised that this is not a Khmer-Khmer version of the Khmer language, it is our Khmer brother. In the instructions of the Ministry of Interior by province, the point is also that there is no discrimination and not only Khmer Muslims, who Cambodia is in trouble (Kovid-19), we must not discriminate. ”

"As I have indicated at this time, the whole universe is united in its efforts to prevent disease and disease," he said. 19) And so is our Khmer. I continue to call on the interests of individual interests, individual interests and groups of color to unite. "

Moreover, Kratie said that for critics of the democratic government, the government welcomes and accepts. In particular, critics of the government and the misinformation surrounding the Kov-19 issue have caused the society to be held accountable.

"The real news, we welcome the fact that sometimes they are against the government in the democratic framework," he said. The government doesn't care about anything, so that's true. But another piece of information is not available, and he urged me, please, please cut to the limit so that we can work together to protect our social life. Our people will now be in trouble (Kov-19), and may it be according to our laws in force, that those who remain Use rhetoric to cause confusion The law ".

At the same time, he said that the Royal Government will continue to address the challenges of citizenship without leaving the people. And Kremlin also stated that the biggest measures now to protect the state of life as the disease of HIV-19 increased until At this time, no Cambodian has been killed by Kov-19.

Moreover, Kratie Kratie reminded that in the past, the government banned people from Europe, America, Iran from entering the country. The Thai government has no policy of closing the border, while the Thai government has closed the border with Vietnam.

The Ministry of Health announced that as of 9 pm on March 20, 2020, there were 51 confirmed cases of jaundice (4 women) in Cambodia. There were 31 Cambodians. Of the 31 Cambodians affected by the disease, 25 have just returned from religious festivals in Malaysia. The two Cambodian women who have not traveled to Malaysia are married to their husbands and one has never traveled abroad Close contact and shake hands with individuals returning from religious service in Malaysia