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Phnom Penh: While it was reported that actors Kov Sovannang and Lim Chea Lay have been dating Intimacy makes a great follow-up. Fans want to know what some of the famous characters are thinking about when and how much the couple's relationship will last Leak true.

So far, there may be wind news as the story between Sonann Lang and Chea Lay does not move forward. Expectation. Especially want to believe that after Sovann Lang does not want to be engaged. The fact that she is a sister to a sibling whose true nature does not reach official status can hurt her reputation.

If so, then it's not going to be a love story anymore because it was previously known that the top stars in Hang Me Breaking the stage with the actor's handsome boyfriend makes Fen want to vent his breath whenever he wants. Yes.

According to Kov Sovannang, this time not only disappointed her fans because they used to Encouraging a beautiful young woman to marry each other, but it was impossible for her.

Kiet Sovannang has made it clear that she is not engaged or married to Leak Lay, as is the case. In the past. She said that was a shocking news that she couldn't accept because it was even bothering her to choose a mate. Also. But no matter what they say, the relationship between her and Lay is still the same: normal friendships without Things have changed.

Kiet Sovannang says, “I used to be with him (Chea Lay), where are you? And there are no plans to get married. I do not want to get married yet, and I do not know who I am. ”

This may be due to the fact that choosing a prospective partner is not a matter of choice. This makes Sovann Lang seem to be away from so-called close love even if she doesn't. Take a close-up shot with Chea Lay because that's what counts as a co-worker. And don't know if she has you in her heart? Has been such a quick argument. (Edited by: Bopha)