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PHNOM PENH – Khim Sokim joined hundreds of people in the morning of April 29, 2020 in front of the court Siem Reap demands release of director Anita Rita, who is alleged to have defrauded dozens of clients. American dollar. What's Kathy Sokim involved?

There are two main reasons why Kathy Sokim and her husband have taken the initiative to protest with the people, not fearing the popularity As a celebrity. Speaking to Peace Island in an email on May 2, 2020, Ms. Khat Sokim claimed the reason. She joined the protest with the people because she had been investing in the company for over a year And while she trusts the owner of the company that paid her Every month, never interrupted.

Another reason was because of the request from nearly 2,000 families to ask her to represent the protest They know that she is a famous and popular, big, small and well-known person.

“So she decided to join as a representative to help them because it was too difficult to help,” Khat Sokim said. Yes, I can do the same, because I am also due on the bank. "

According to Khat Sokhim, after she and nearly 2,000 families protested, the party received the results Related. The result was a representative from the Ministry of Justice and Mr. Tia Seiha, the governor of Siem Reap, and decided that the Ministry of Justice understands their brothers and sisters. Release Dum Nath, upon request, conditional on recommendation of the following Ministry of Justice:

1. All of the protesters were investors, not victims, and all agreed to receive compensation from Dim Suon Nath According to the affidavit showing the fingerprint and the lawyer's seal, so you don't have the right to sue Dim Sunt Nath because we believed Trust him, so we are compensated in principle by Dim Suon Nath.

2. To submit a petition to the Ministry of Justice by requiring all 15 representatives to submit thumbprints on behalf of nearly 2,000 investors Family.

Deposited in court by a representative of the Ministry of Justice and the Governor of Siem Reap, August Seiha. This is an urgent task, lasting until May 19, 2020. Representatives express their support for accelerating the work. This is for the CEO to come out. Representatives will be disbanded after the release of Demand Nath.

Regarding the result, Ms. Sokhim said that after agreeing to release Dum Nath Nath, this time They will all be demoted to represent the company. As for whether or not you can continue investing in the company? Sokhim said it was unclear when this would happen. (Edited by: Bopha)