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Phnom Penh: The Governor of Kep City claims that there is no pollution in the waters in Kep, and this makes you Tourism can be fun and not detrimental to health.

Speaking at a press conference in the morning of May 5, 2020, Mr. Kantha, Governor of Kep Provincial Board of Governors made this clear. “Of the 13 islands in Kep, there is no contaminated water. "In the ASEAN region, the climate is good, the air is clean, the air is clean and the water is toxic." The governor also pointed out that the Kep administration now has a regular machine for measuring air levels. When the air or water is poisonous, the machine will know by air in Kep.

“Well, we regularly measure water and air pollution. These are one of the rare tourism products available, especially the National Parks, under the dry season's provincial administration. And a lush, fertile season, with the potential to be a good source of fresh air for long-term survival. ».

The Kep administration is discussing plans to plan tourism in Kep province for the public beach, he said. Attract and build bridges to Rabbit Island to arrange to attract more tourists and investors. He said that the projects would be submitted to the Inter-Ministerial Commission and submitted to the Royal Government for implementation.

At the same time, the governor mentioned that Japanese investment in Kep had no plans, just to study. About that particular potential, the coastline is shaky. He added that even if investors do not, the government and the provincial government provide capital for the development, which is now underway. Road structure to Anglong Beach Road.

The beach is gradually being provided to locals by the local community. In Kep, 13 islands and some beaches attract tourists. He said the Kep administration had organized tourism in some of the islands, but so far this has not happened.

The Royal Government has not allowed the establishment of tourism facilities, especially those that are polluted or polluted by the environment. That is not