Kemid Sokha says the Covid-19 virus has spread And kill people indiscriminately, regardless of race, nationality or nationality, communist or liberal, big or small, rich, poor or poor. He urged the Cambodian people, both local and foreign, to join national unity, national unity and give high priority to the above issues. Mr. Sokha also commended and commended the authorities for their hard work on this difficult and especially dangerous task. Also do not hide the factual information and do not adhere to political trends and do not discriminate.

"National solidarity and international solidarity" are needed to fight the now deadly Covid-19 epidemic. Because this emergency is not a matter of any individual, family, community, nation, nation or any other nation, it has become a global crisis. According to Mr. Sokha on March 23, 2020.

In addition, the Covid-19 virus is non-invasive, pathogenic and deadly. No prejudice, no nationality, small or large, communist or liberal, big or small, rich or poor. In particular, the epidemic not only directly affects human health and life, it also affects the world economy, national economy and Life is bad for people if we do not come together and fight it quickly and efficiently.

According to Kem Sokha, on this occasion of the battle against Covid-19, I appeal: "May the world be united. Regardless of your race, nationality, or political, economic or social bloc, consider this a global issue. Invite the Cambodian people inside and outside the country to join national unity and give priority to the above issues: Protecting the health of oneself and one's family strictly according to the medical guidelines recommended by the professional body. Please share with compassion, help one another, help society and help the nation in spirit and ability in this emergency. Please encourage and commend the cops for their hard work and hard work. Do not distort, discourage, and suppress information. Don't be prejudiced by politics and don't discriminate against one another