Phnom Penh: Interior Minister Sam Krouk Sar Kheng has decided to suspendKandal Provincial Police Deputy Commissioner Sreng Sokha temporarily resumes April 21, 2020

Decided to temporarily suspend work for Brigadier General Sreng Sokha, at the request of the Commissioner of the National Police.

According to the Ministry of Interior's announcement of the temporary suspension of the National Police Officers, signed by Samdech Krasaing Kheng, Deputy Prime Minister of the Ministry of Interior decided “to suspend the work To Brigadier General Sreng Sokha, ID 633456, Deputy Commissioner of Police of Kandal Province. Brigadier General Sreng Sokha has to appear at the staff department every working hour to await a new decision.

National Police Commissar General Chhay Kim Khorn said that the Commissar General of the National Police requested the Ministry of Interior to suspend its work. Sreng Sokha because he was wrong in his role. If an officer is not at fault, he is not asked to resign, meaning that he is guilty of improper implementation of the National Police Force's Rule 006. However, the commissioner's request has been reviewed and decided by the Ministry. Information is clear on this matter, I know she wants to ask again, but I can't answer for sure what is wrong, please contact A spokesperson for the Department of Personnel is clearer than I am.

It should be highlighted that on February 27, 2019, the ACU announced the investigation of the assets of the deputy commissioner of Central Provincial Police, Mr. Sreng Sokha, after the news. Share on Facebook The case of the deputy commissioner engaged to a woman and offered a $ 100,000 dowry 570 Luxury cars and Luxury Cars worth $ 220,000.

Kandal Provincial Police Chief Brigadier Sreng Sokha engaged with a beautiful girl for $ 100,000, two diamond rings and A $ 570 Luxury car worth $ 220,000 is even more unusual: a San Prum Facebook account Known as a senior official at the Ministry of Information, wrote Brigadier General Sreng Sokha with a beautiful girl at Prey Leu (East Trek) market in Prey Veng this morning. February 24, 2019. The engagement ceremony of Mr. Kreng Sokha, Deputy Commissioner of Police of Kandal Province, shocked and intimidated neighbors. Everyone. And even to the point of commendation, Facebook has been shocked and outraged by the Khieu account. According to Brigadier General Sreng Sokha, the salaries are low, but why is there so much money? Kandal provincial deputy police chief Sreng Sokha broke down Long Levee Leung Neak Loeung in Prey Veng province as he engages with a young woman who sells electricity for $ 100,000 ! According to the information provided, Sreng Sokha divorced his three wives and got married to this yellow woman, the fourth wife! Congratulations and wish the Deputy Commissioner with his fourth wife! The Deputy Commissioner of Kandal Province, a few days before Deputy Commissioner Bun Bunna took the water truck to spray the concrete! The deputy was dropped from the moon. By: Kolab