Middle: Kandal Provincial Governor Kong Sophorn ordered local authorities to ban the construction of border areas that have yet to be demarcated. Vietnam needs to report immediately in case of any irregularities 17 more who came to build a border area in Kandal province.

Such an order was made during his presidency during a visit and friendship between Kandal Provincial Hall and Company Heng developed with Border Guard No. 601, Special garrison on the afternoon of June 24, 2020 in Prek Ham village, Khum Khmao, Koh Thom district. According to the Kandal provincial administration's Facebook page.

Kong Sophorn urged local authorities and the authorities to stand at the border to continue to maintain order and security along the border to ensure Manage the prevention of trafficking in all kinds of smuggling as well as illegal border crossings.

“Especially, it is necessary to continue to prohibit construction on both the Cambodian side and the Vietnamese side in the border area No demarcation has been done yet. Immediate prevention and reporting should be taken in case of any irregularities in order for timely action. "We need to focus on turning the border into a peaceful, friendly, well-developed and developed border."

Sophorn told the Post yesterday that through the push, the Vietnamese side had also dismantled the tent, which was thrown in without consent. From Cambodia, from the Kampuchea border to the border of Takeo, there are seven more.

Sophon also urged the Vietnamese side to continue dismantling all tents off the border. “By this time, the tents at our central point of Kandal province had been dismantled seven more and the remainder remained. 17 more out of 24. These 24 tents are two points: one is the border, the border is agreed, and the other 6 and a half kilometers is the place. That we have not yet agreed. "

In May, Vietnamese authorities deployed military forces and came to 114 camps in the disputed area. White Zone) in the border demarcation between the two provinces of Cambodia: Kandal and Takeo.

Kin Pheap, president of the International Relations Institute of the Cambodian Parliament, said yesterday that in principle the agreement was agreed between the two countries. 2 Cambodia and Vietnam did not allow the construction or construction of any border to affect the original status of any border line No agreement has yet been reached.

"Doing something that goes against the principle is a breach of the agreement, which requires Vietnam to dismantle the tenths," he said. Built to build without any further excuses.

“This border issue, Cambodia has always respected and valued its neighbors and the laws. But some neighbors have little regard for the treaty agreement. What Vietnam is moving further, in fact, is not more, it must be removed from the area because this is the border area that There is no agreement and should not wait any longer. ”

“We see in the past, the Cambodian government has allowed the re-entry of the Vietnamese by the Vietnamese Just follow the principles of the Ministry of Health. This is enough to prevent the spread of polio 19. It is not a response to camping in the area yet to be pitched on Your own country. ”