Caption: Kampot provincial governor Chea Tayai yesterday ordered the tycoon's company to suspend mangroves at village-Prek Thnout commune. Uruguay immediately after being found to have serious impacts on fisheries and biodiversity resources and livelihoods of fishing communities in the region That.

According to the factual investigation and investigation of local authorities and local fishing communities, the dumping of mangroves The company is intended to serve the public interest but does not seek permission.

“The company has not notified or asked for permission from the competent authority or provincial authority and the dumping of land Removing mangroves has a serious impact on all kinds of crab, shrimp and fish, as well as biodiversity, thus protecting the national interest and People, especially the fishermen in the country We need to ban and require the body immediately.

He was not available for comment yesterday.

Sar Sarin, chief of the Kampot Fisheries Administration, told the Post yesterday that the company had originally asked for support from commune authorities. Prek Thnout and the fishing community Prek Thnout village on a one-lane, 6-meter wide and 200-meter long road to serve In the public interest, and to pave the way Access to its development area, which is close to the community's mangroves.

He added that speculating that the company was developing its land would not affect the mangrove community's communal land. Fishery was cut by the Fisheries Administration, the community and local authorities also supported the project.

But as soon as the company started the dumping process, it dumped more than 3,000 mangroves and mangroves and erased them. By the border, there are three more border posts in the mangrove area.

“According to the National Commission's inspection on Sunday it found that the company had cleared mangroves,” Sar Sarith said. In that area, the area is 10 meters x80 meters for the purpose of constructing a real public interest. ”

“But with the mangrove land in that area being in the protected area and the marine reserve, the national commission has been Requires the company to reclaim land and plant lakes, redefine protected and protected areas, and grow children Also revive. "

But Sarith said yesterday that the company had not yet vacated the area.

He added that the mangrove land clearance did not occur in Prek Thnout commune, but also in Koh mini commune. Similarly, on January 18, 2020, a jury found a Chinese company dumping a land grab into 15 mangrove forests. However, specialists have ordered the company to vacate the ground Re-plant mangroves as well.

Prek Thnout village chief Ouk Sovannarith said that mangroves could affect all kinds of biodiversity and especially marine animals. It directly affects the livelihood of fishermen.