Kampot: Mr. Cheng Phalla, Chairman of the Provincial Council and Governor of Kampot Province as well as a large number of stakeholders on the morning of February 6, 2020 organized a public parade in Kampot City to celebrate the winners. The 2nd Asean Clean City Tour in Kampot Province was held on 16 January 2020 in the capital, Bangladesh. Begawan, Brunei Darussalam.

On the occasion of the parade, Governor of Wai Tien reported that the 2nd ASEAN Clean City Award was won by Kampot City on January 16, 2020, recently in the capital, Bangladesh. Brunei Darussalam is a pride for the people and administration of Kampot province, and not by accident, but it certainly came from the depths. The hard work of Provincial Administrative Leaders, good cooperation and responsible participation of the Departments, Municipalities, Districts, Operators, Services, Citizens and other stakeholders in promoting and inclusive They develop our city to meet established criteria Indicators 7 indicators 28 and 108 detailed criteria that demands Khan, candidates must meet the following criteria.

On behalf of the Kampot provincial administration, the Governor also appealed to all departments, municipalities, districts, communes, private sectors, civil society, all stakeholders, citizens, youth, teachers, students, monks and other religious leaders as well as stakeholders. Continue to support and participate more effectively in the spirit of accountability Enemies in the national and regional beauty pageants race to ensure greener and greener and also to be attractive tourist destinations. By: Van Doeun