Kampot: Case of Oknha Kuy Luey, mangrove mangrove forest In Prek Thnout village, Prek Thnout commune, Teuk Chhou district, Kampot province, was in violation of ownership and was detained by the Ministry of Agriculture, Fisheries and Fisheries The mangrove forest, a sanctuary of marine resources and the domain of the Prek Thnout fishing community, should take legal action on January 18, 2020. On the Duke of Kullekiki The level should only give the body. And letting the perpetrator get away with the rules is not appropriate. If you have been cleared of land, only ordinary citizens will be jailed, so the Governor of Kampot province and his administration Agriculture, too.

Eng Chea San, a government delegation in charge of the Fisheries Administration, told the press: Land dumping in mangrove forest Take this creek fishing community 100 meters long and 10 meters wide. And the dumping of the land damaged three mangroves and erased 7,000 mangrove nests.

According to authorities and officials, Oknha Kuy Llek was really a big liver until Minister Veng Sarcon ordered Khun Savoeun, under secretary of state for agriculture. The Ministry of Forestry and Fisheries led the officials to inspect and temporarily ban and request the local authorities to stop the activity and clear land for Look State public properties mangrove, home safety, biodiversity and ecosystems.

Mr. Mam Samnang, the head of land management, said that the road was 10 meters wide and 250 meters wide for public roads. . Mam Samnang said that the land acquisition had been received by Oknha Kuy Luey, and after the inquiry, Kampot Fisheries Administration District officials advised. Pause this activity to find other related files.

In connection with the demarcation of mangroves and the fishing community's territory, Veng Sakhorn, Minister of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries, did not allow the Under Secretary of State to lead the group. Only the inspecting and suspending activities of mangrove infiltration was made by the Minister, and also ordered Mr. Eng Chean to immediately visit for inspection. .

The removal of the mangroves will affect marine habitats and affect fisheries, said Mr. Eng. Well.

In this case, Kampot provincial governor Chea Tay has ordered the bodybuilding of the mangrove forest in Prek Tnout commune, Teuk Chhou district.

After the Kampot administration, led by Provincial Governor Chea Tay, the site was excavated with mangrove forest along with Khun Savoeun, under secretary of state at the Ministry of Agriculture. Fishery and Mr. Eng Chea San, Government Delegation in charge of Fisheries Administration, on the afternoon of January 20, 2020; Land in violation of mangrove forest in Prek Thnout commune, Teuk Chhou district.

The governor stressed that what concerns the people of the community is the concern of the Royal Government. Therefore, the provincial administration has nothing to do with abusing the law. As a result, the company has been suspended from its activities. The company was forced to repatriate the land immediately. By: Kolab