Kampong Thom: Kompong Thom Provincial Police cracked down 11 log warehouses, seizing a total of more than 150 cubic meters of wood in the area. Kampong Chhnang and Samporch Commune, Storng District, with some of these storage facilities are legal but invalid and others are not allowed Engaged in the lumber business.

A report on the Facebook page of the Royal Gendarmerie Police (GRK News) said yesterday that Stung Treng Gendarmerie and the Royal Gendarmerie forces Kampong Thom Provincial Government May 30 Directed by Khun Bun Ho, Deputy Commander of Kampong Thom Provincial Armed Forces in collaboration with Provincial Forestry Administration Kompong Thom Provincial Court deputy prosecutor Say Veasna cracked down on 11 unauthorized log factory sites in Kampong Kdey, Kompong Chhnang Chheu Teal is located in Kampong Chen south and Ampil village, Samporch commune, Staung district.

As a result, the authorities inspected the location of Ben Thanns, a male living in four villages in Kampong Kdey, Kampong Chhnang, where more than 77 logs were seized. Cubic meters. The location of Hi Kimheng, male, lives in Kompong Chhnang Village, Kampong Chhnang in three communes, equal to more than 34 cubic meters.

According to the report, Chhun Ban Hok's male residence in Kampong Kdey village is one in the area of ​​more than 25 cubic meters. Location: Name of a male named Paupo Tis, a male living in Kampong Kdey village, Kompong southern commune, more than 7 square meters One gem is equal to more than 4 cubic meters and the location of its owner, Kang Mony, male in Ampil village, Sampov commune .

Pen Vannrith, director of Kampong Thom province's Department of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries, said yesterday that the competence of the provincial forestry administration had violated the factory's location. Logging in Stoung District confiscates more than 150 cubic meters of wood. Some of these owners have valid laws, but his licenses are invalid and others are not.

He said that owners who have a valid but expired license must apply for a license renewal if they want to continue their business. . Otherwise, the authorities will shut down the businesses.

Vannrith said: “I do not know what action the unlicensed owner continued to wait for a professional officer. Conducting a thorough search on whether to fine him or stop his business completely because our authority is measuring and logging. More. "

Bun Sothy, chief of the Kompong Thom Forestry Administration, could not be reached for comment yesterday. Mr. Hang Thol, commander of the provincial military police, could not be reached by phone.

The Post could not find a source to contact the owners of the 11 locations to confirm the case.

Mal Vanna, chief of the Stung district forestry administration, was quoted by local media as saying that 11 lawless Depot stores of wood A total of more than 150 cubic meters of timber is valuable, with authorities transporting the logs from the Depot for storage. Stung Treng District Forestry Administration