Kampong Chhnang Provincial Administration has decided to temporarily close the Post International Fish Factory (Cambodia) Co., Ltd. located in Chrak Romiet Village, Chhouk Sor Commune, Kampong Tralach District from July 10, 2021 until the date of notification again.

The decision to temporarily close the factory was made by the provincial administration to prevent the spread of Kovid in the ongoing February 20 community event. An explosion in this factory.

During the temporary closure, the provincial administration introduced a number of measures, requiring the authorities to temporarily cordon off the entire site. And temporarily suspend business activities, production and entry and exit of the above locations.

In addition, the provincial administration also requires all workers of the above factories to perform the duty at the factory building or at the factory. Housing and lodging, respectively, in accordance with the instructions of the Ministry of Health.

Mr. Sun Sovannarith emphasized in the letter that all local authorities must search for direct or indirect stakeholders in order to carry out their activities. Take a sample.

"Employees, workers and those directly or indirectly involved in the above positions must monitor their health on a regular basis," he said. Please contact the team of Kampong Tralach Referral Hospital or the nearest health center to get a test sample immediately. From July 10, 2021 onwards, every working hour and must be done in accordance with the instructions.