Kampong Chhnang: Kampong Chhnang Provincial Administration Officially Opens a New Inland Water Transport Port in Chong Koh Development Area to Facilitate Transportation Transportation of goods and travel of people.

Sron Samrithy, spokesman for the Kampong Chhnang provincial administration, told the Post yesterday that the launch of the new transport port was to help Facilitate people's travel and transportation of goods to replace the bridges that are planned to be built in the future.

He added that people from Kampong Thom province passing through Kampong Chhnang can travel by ferry in just half an hour to 40 minutes. Only come to this port because before the port was narrow.

According to the spokesman, the port currently has five to six ferries transporting people.

"Seeing the difficulties, the provincial administration has also improved the port to make it better and easier to land," he said. "The port is a bit steep."

During the official opening ceremony of the new transport port in Chong Koh Development Zone on January 4, Mr. Chhour Chandoeun, Governor of Kampong Chhnang Province, The new port is funded by the Royal Government through the Ministry of Public Works and Transport, which began construction in January 2017. It has an area of ​​6,523 square meters. He did not specify how much money would be spent on the new port.

He said that the construction of the new port will improve the lives of farmers and people in the new development area of ​​the province. This is in the river bank development plan of Kampong Chhnang province.

He said: "In the past, Kampong Chhnang province has a small port, which makes it difficult for people to travel, especially to transport agricultural products and Motor and motorbike transmission, but due to the province's continuous development, the new port has been set up to reduce the difficulties of the people. .

Mr. Sam Chankea, Coordinating Officer of ADHOC in Kampong Chhnang Province, said yesterday that the Kampong Chhnang Provincial Administration has upgraded and reorganized the old port into a port Recently, to facilitate the transportation and travel of the people, and this development does not affect the people.

"They have already done it and it is clear, but we only see ports that allow boats to cross the border without it," he said. See the port that allows boats to go along.

However, Mr. Sam Chankea stated that the arrangement of a large and clear port will also help raise the image and enhance the province even more. More attractive.