Kampong Cham Province: Prosecutor of the Immigration Prosecutor's Office A traffic accident has been issued in Kompong Cham district, causing one person to die On August 14, 2019, a teacher named Ou Chea Lee was sent to Tola R.

In the above case, Pann Vannak wrote on Facebook that the Kompong Cham provincial prosecutor had clarified and requested to post a warning if criminal charges were filed. . But the clarification did not raise the question of the public, who were skeptical of the prosecution's rejection of the forensic report Ministry of Interior car. What is the reason for refusing to report a motor vehicle's autopsy report? The interior? This is a big question.

He said that the Ministry of Science and Technology (MoU) has reviewed the scars of the Ministry of Science and Technology. Interior and Investigation Report of the Ministry of Interior: How Different How did the prosecutor accompany the first school in Kompong Cham?

According to a statement from the prosecutor in Kompong Cham province this morning, January 24, 2020 Initially, Kampong Cham described legal aspects as well as legal procedures. Co-Investigating Judge of the Kampong Cham Provincial Court

At the same time, the spokesman of the Kampong Cham Provincial Court of First Instance expressed regret. Most regrets about some of the websites and news analysts A number of Facebook commentators who post false and misleading information Collector It relates to all parties (the accused, the victim and the court) Relevant in this set.

A spokesman for the prosecutor at the Kompong Cham Provincial Court said the act was continuing Facts compare facts to other issues not involved in the litigation Or display a cached archive for word-of-mouth marketing. Unwelcome words With the intention of undermining the dignity of judges, magistrates and the judiciary; There may be charges against the criminal provisions in force.

Mr. Pann Vannak clarified that in case of handcuffs in Kampong Cham, the governor called Mr. Hut Vuthy for questioning?
Lawyer U Nu Chea lays complaint to Ministry of Justice requesting inspection on traffic accident cases Kampong Cham Province.

In the morning of January 23, 2020, Kampong Cham provincial governor Un Channda called Kampong Chhnang Provincial Prosecutor Huot Vuthy visits the court. Details of the meeting were not disclosed.

A Kompong Cham provincial court official said the governor had been monitoring the case and had the police and court work on it. It is up to the law to do justice to all.
Mr. Chea Lee informed that he had asked the lawyer to file a complaint with the Minister of Justice and requested that There have been reports of unusual cases in Angkor 9 villages in Angkor Bar Kang Meas District, Kampong Cham Province on 14th August 2019.
Teacher filed a complaint with four high-ranking police officers in Kompong Cham province The National Currency.
After that, I am preparing to file a complaint to the Provincial Prosecutor, prosecutor Hout Vuthy. The Ministry of Justice will go to the Council of Magistrates and finally file a complaint to Prime Minister Hun Sen.

Ou Jialy, a teacher at Indira Devi High School, said he suffered the most injustice because he did not cause any harm. Report: In 9 villages, Angkor commune, Kang Meas district, Kompong Cham province His car will require a deposit He was released on $ 10,000 bail.

Ministry of Interior technical and traffic police found that Mr. Chea Lee's car was not in a car accident and More detailed reports have been made. But the Kompong Cham provincial judge and prosecutor did not release Ouly Lee's car and money.

Whether the Kompong Cham court is referring to what continued to be charged against Mr. Chea Lee and detaining the car and storing the sum if Ministry of Interior technical and traffic police found that Mr. Chea Li's car and Mr. Chea Lee There are no reports of accidents in Angkor 9 village, Angkor Bak commune Cham gold.? By: Columbus

Please read the details of the press release of the prosecutor at the Kompong Cham Provincial Court and the report of the Ministry of Interior Technology, Science and Technology The following is complete: