Kampong Cham: At a meeting on land management in Khon Meas in Sambor village, Sambor commune, Batheay district, on the morning of June 1, 2020, Kampong Cham Provincial Governor Un Channda introduced four principles to protect the interests of the community.

At the meeting, with the participation of the Deputy Governor, Deputy Director, Administration, Provincial Government, Bathe district authority and representatives of the people as the complainant, the Governor laid down the following principles.

* 1st: Appoint Deputy Provincial Governor Keo Nathrith, who leads a working group, attended by a specialty department in the presence of the Director and the district and commune authorities in collaboration with the prosecutor and the competent authority to inspect the area. Real water or not? And is it on the Ministry of Water Resources map? How much is it Be clear and report back to the provincial government. In case the above ground is a mainland, please keep the property of the State. However, if the above mentioned land does not appear to be in the map of the river, it shall be provided to all 18 families.

* Second: For the other 40 families, once the team decides, they are no longer allowed to bury the land. If anyone attempts to occupy the land, the provincial authorities will take legal action to detain them. But if those 40 families protect the land above the property of the state, the provincial authorities fully support it.

* Third, there must be the input and cooperation of the prosecutor and the competent forces before proceeding.

* Fourth: Do not compromise the interests of the community.