Kampong Cham Provincial Administration announces the detection of 193 cases of 19 19 cases of Kovid and 19 cases of 19 cases of 19 cases of Kovid. Ratanakkiri found 40 positive Kovid patients, cured 34, while Tbong Khmum province had 55 new infections, 4 cured .

The announcement of Kampong Cham Provincial Administration today announced the discovery of 113 cases and the discovery of 49 positive Kovid 19. In Kampong Cham, 2 people, 5 people from Kampong Siem district, 8 people from Batheay district, 4 people from Srey Santhor district, 5 people from Chamkar Leu district, 16 people from Cheung Prey district, 1 person from Kang Meas district, 5 people from Prey Chhor district, 1 person from Pursat province, 1 person from Tbong Khmum province and 1 person from Kratie province. On July 2, 2021.

"On July 2, the Kampong Cham Provincial Administration assigned health officials to sample 429 workers, migrant workers and 49 suspects and obtained 49 Kovid 19 positive test results," the statement said.

According to the Kampong Cham Provincial Administration, the provincial health department sent the patients to the Mekong Hospital in Kampong Cham and the minor treatment facility at Sihanoukville High School (709 patients) and continued to search for those directly and indirectly affected. And 19 more Kovid patients involved.

For the 113 patients who were cured with two negative Kovid 19 negative test results, the provincial administration allowed them to leave Mekong Hospital, Kampong Cham and a minor clinic at Sihanoukville High School.

Ratanakkiri province also announced the discovery of 40 people involved in the February 20 community event and the recovery of 34 people on July 1. The above positive people have had direct contact with the positive people who have been found in the past, requiring the individuals to take a sample test, and some who are not feeling well volunteered to take a quick sample test as a result of 535 samples found. Positive Kovid 19 40 people.

Thirty-four healers were released from the treatment center and had to undergo self-care for an additional 14 days. As of July 2, Ratanakkiri had found a total of 505 positive Kovid 19 patients, treated 61 and cured 4.

In Tbong Khmum province, after finding 55 new Kovid 19 positives and recovering 4 of them on July 2, 2021, issued a press release to inform the public and people who have been directly affected, please hurry See a doctor and have a catheterization for testing and indirect exposure to all 55 positive Kovid 19 patients. Hurry up and have a catheterization at home in your own family. Absolutely not involved or hurting others.

"If you have a cold, cough, runny nose, sore throat, shortness of breath or diarrhea, any other suspicious signs, please go to the hospital or health center near where you live and report. To the local authorities immediately.