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Kandal Provinces: The names of villages, communes, districts, and municipalities in some provinces throughout the Kingdom of Cambodia are mostly related to And ancient tales, especially the stories and activities of patriotic elites or ancient warriors. But some of the stories are recorded in different disciplines, while others are narrated by elders. From generation to generation, and since that period so far.

Today is a modern day tale, some of which have also been published as books and even posted on Facebook One or two incense makes it easy to read and do research. We would like to clarify the above comments only, and please refer to a village called "Kompong Veal" The village is embroiled in the story of "Dong Dong Yeung, or Odong City History" that once described the family. Yeah, down the royal road to check in 1 Night and the quarantine are not consecutive.

But as the road was examined, he and his wife were informed that the king was also looking at the road, and the grandmother brought The family runs down the boat to escape the king. When that was done, Sena arrived, saying, "Don't get in the boat. The King is here now, but you won't." Listen, still crawling, but because she was too nervous to run down to the boat, not to the boat, then named "Kompong Yeay". it later became the ports it this far.

Today, the upper village is located on National Road 5 in Kampong Luong commune, Ponhea Leu district, Kandal province, not far from the old palace and mountain. No amount of royalty or mountain of worship. According to villagers, the village is about 40km from Phnom Penh and was originally a historical site It was either a flood or a lake, but after a while, the residents poured in to build houses A second generation for hundreds of years, and then became the flooded area as dry as today, with many residents living Also, they do different kinds of business like agriculture and business, but north of the village is also. But it is the same floodplain and dozens of dry fields.

According to the storyline Khmer Khmer Episode 5 relates, “The king was at the pavilion in the city of Lovek Her Royal Highness and Her Excellency's Daughter, Grand Daughter of Grandmother, Successfully Appeared to Her a prosecutor from him and he was told to, and yeah command nevertheless ordered him to accept All right. While not afraid to reject him, they found out that his beloved daughter would never accept the king. Be a Husband Because She Has Extremely True Love for a Huntress, Son of Prey Wing They also love hunting boss Suong Dong Grandma Chey And he sought an order for to let him do that.

After thinking of Ta'ang, the grandmother ordered the king to raise his tent at Longvek. Come to their house only in one night, and if not, they will not raise their daughter. After receiving the order from Grandma and Grandma, the king realized that this was a heavy burden, but he was impressed. Upon her very good and very good, and the King of the Kingdom of truth, he accepted it. also mobilized battalions repol roads do 1 Night.

Grandfather Dong Chey also arranged for the family to board the boat and watch the King's parade on the road. It was intended that “if he raises the streets in one night, she will bring forth a good child, and give birth to a son. »When the king saw the road, he was moved; Not seeing that immediately after the boat docked, Dong Dong Yee Chey went up to see the road. While he was checking roads, the battalion was to fall down and worship the king of anything that way, too Then the king came and saw.

But Ta'ang-yi-chei heard that the king had come, and they rushed into the boat to prevent him from seeing him. At that time, the wife of Tia Dong Dong, fearful of trekking down to the boat, did not crawl down the river bank, but sometimes came. They shouted, "Yeah, don't get in the boat! The King is here now." Grandma did not hear nothing, know it's a boat, the boat and pushed the boat out. The place where the grandmother of Victory was originally called "Kompong Yeay Roeut", but today it is called the "port of prosperity" is in Vihear Luong commune, Ponhea Leu district, Kandal province.

Please note that if you travel from Phnom Penh to Kampong Chhnang on National Road 5, beyond the entrance to the mountains A little bit closer to Oudong Market, you will see a metal gate on the right. National road and 5, and at the gates of this written large white 'Village' Kampong Luong commune, Ponhea Leu district, Kandal province, and the English text under it, "PHOUM COMPONG CHO VEA".

However, traveling from Kompong Chhnang into Phnom Penh slightly beyond Oudong Market and seeing the village gate to the left. Go back to a distance of more than 200 meters and reach the village. And because of the development, there are no scars left But most of the villagers in the area know something about the history of the village through reading books, legends, or through The tale of an older generation from generation. (Edited by: Bopha)

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