Justeen Miracle, one of the largest cosmetics companies in Cambodia, holds a “0 to 100” sales seminar to share business management knowledge with all distributors. The Justeen Miracle, in particular, makes them even better at selling them.

The program also featured awards to over 18 outstanding distributors.

Mok Tip Reasey, Managing Director of Justeen Miracle, a company that imports and distributes Justeen Miracle products in Cambodia, said the seminar was to share the knowledge she has and the key to successful online sales. Particularly successful, the distributor in Justeen Miracle is almost a housewife, and that's why Their coach wants to get stronger, career, online sales person to be successful in the market.

She said the product for the Justeen Miracle started three years ago but this year has been more successful than last year because the distribution is growing and each distributor is having money to buy a home. Diamond Land Buys this car and is one of the motivating force behind Justeen Miracle.

The director of Justeen Miracle confirms that all distributors at Justeen Miracle are simply housewives, and that they have little in the way of society after he became Justeen Miracle's distributor. They grow so much that, day by day, each distributor represents a great success in the marketplace and they are white. The girls, housewives earn tens of thousands of dollars per month.

It is worth remembering that for the workshop on February 15, 2020, all the funding for the program was her own budget and she also donated 10 million riels to Kantha Bopha Hospital.