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Pailin: Another new resort, created by the owner of the rambutan plantation adjacent to the jackfruit resort If you're traveling on the same road, go a little further south. In fact, on January 26, 2020, many of the rambutan trees were planted in the shade of M'Momavam. To a cool shade, next to the mouth of the river Barraka in the village of Boru Tbong, Sangkat Prasakka, Pailin City.

A source from Nim Sokun, 57, said that the reason was given the name "Chamkar Mao Resort" because In his land he planted hundreds of rambutan trees, and long ago the fruit was delicious and delicious. Pure natural fertilizer.

In the river, the resort he had created years ago was stoned, he said. The glossy black color allows visitors to sit down and swim in the rock. During the dry season, the scenic water flowing along the river is breathtaking and the water is cool when guests bathe. And don't want to go back.

He added that for the food, one roast fish for 15,000 riel and one chicken for 50,000 riel without snails. For many guests, they can sit in the shade of palm trees and reeds by the river and Others sat under the shade of a tree Enjoy family reunions. The parking fee is only 5,000 riel and the motorbike is 2,000 riel, which can be parked in front of the playground and under the shade. Also.

According to a tourist, Hour, who lives in Pailin, said he was happy to bring his wife and children to visit. Most of Pailin's resorts, especially M'lop M'amom.

But please let the resort owners guard the police and the police and protect the motorbike as well as they park. The car was outside and was busy but went down to the water and came out and saw the door was lowered Touch causes cysts and scars and is paid by the owner $ 100,000 in compensation as well. Therefore, if not properly handled, accidents can occur.

Police in traffic control said that because of his limited force and many vehicles into the park, some driving. Leaving without warning, he went back into the car. But in the future, he will add more strength to help him look around and avoid problems like these days Ago ៕

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