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Education is very important for your children. If you are not careful and misuse the education, it can destroy your child Easily you do not know it. What are some of the wrong forms of education?

1- "Wait on you to feed your baby": When you eat by yourself and you say "wait," Do not eat yourself – this is a word that can discourage a child from continuing to eat on their own, and they will depend on you Feed them until independence.

2- "Don't Play It Mud": When you say this, do you know that you are destroying desire Knowing your new thing will cause you to lose your creativity and research, and you will be prejudiced Also.

3- “When You Go to School Don't Know It”: When you say this to your child, do you know? No, you are ruining your child's future, as he or she will not dare to speak or comment when they are In class because they are afraid of the teacher and their classmates laughing, they will not be able to do well.

4- "You Don't Have to Do It All You Have to Learn": When You Want To Help With Homework And You Turn Barring them, you will lose the opportunity to learn to do what you can to become rich One is responsible, and he or she will always be dependent on others. (Edited by: Bopha)