In line with the announcement of the close of the 20-storey ammunition mall, B2B Center, located on Hanoi Road, about 1km from AEON Sen Sok Shopping Center, offers potential businesses in all sectors and Surrounded by big city projects and overcrowded traffic, the main source of purchasing power for the region's businesses is also welcoming all businessmen. Immediately!

The B2B Center is designed to meet today's market needs, with all floors combined with community markets, exhibition centers and programs, street food, night markets, parks Children, offices, as well as electronic equipment centers. With the B2B Center of Electronics, the B2B Center offers businesses a large 3-by-3 meter mini booth equipped with air-conditioning, light source, and electricity. For all the ammunition market traders are looking for a new location for their business.

The B2B Center has a total area of ​​nearly 2 hectares with ample parking for all kinds of businesses.

Pruong Vibol, head of marketing and marketing for the B2B Center, said that this is an opportunity for businesses to transform their business from traditional business to standard business, in line with developments. And the context of contemporary society in adapting to real needs in the future.

In particular, all businesses will benefit from: Marketing Consulting, Marketing and Sales Promotion via e-commerce platform of Riich Me, an online business and sales professional from Singapore and business partner of the B2B Center.

In addition, the B2B Center focuses on on-site marketing strategy, with monthly programs and other programs, especially with partners promoting a broader brand. Easy and attractive.

To register and book a place, all traders have to meet the following requirements or contact a professional team. 011 450 097/098 979 123 or find more information at: ៕