The last few years have seen Sihanoukville In particular, Phnom Som is considered one of the worst affected areas by the floods. And even local authorities, as well as relevant officials under the direction of the provincial leaders, deal with the issue with great concern. It is still the case of flooding.

Apparently, just warming up yesterday (April 13) for about an hour made the village homeless. 3 Sangkat 1, Sihanoukville, completely submerged.

In this regard, people have suggested that the floods caused the first floods, but this was not the case. The canal of Boeung Kak Lake has been emptied. Also to be blamed is that the rain does not look like much but the drainage of the drainage system was causing the blockage. It was a one-time flood.

According to a Facebook account, Sorm Siv's sister posted: “Village 3, Sangkat 1, Sihanoukville, maybe rainy. 1 hour left … no drainage system … the drainage system is completely closed and where it goes. Happy Khmer New Year, first day of 2020. By: Hong Hong