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Chinese government researchers say they have found a large antidote to the flu. The Japanese company was very effective in treating patients with the HIV-19 virus and decided to use it officially China, according to Japan's NHK.

Zhang Sin Min, president of the National Center for Biotechnology Development, named the drug AVIGAN at a press conference in Beijing. Tuesday, March 17, 2020.

The drug was found by two medical organizations in China to be effective in clinical trials, Zhang said. Treat.

He added that the drug is effective for infectious diseases like pneumonia, especially the side effects of the drug. It does not exist.

The director of the National Center said the test was conducted in Wuhan, Wuhan and Shenzhen and involved From 240 patients to 80 serious patients.

As a result, positive patients in Xinjiang, who were given the drug, were negative for the Kov 19 virus Use for 4 days as it takes an average of 11 days for people who do not take this drug.

The above test also showed that X-rays confirmed the improvement of lung conditions in patients using the The drug was 91 percent better compared to those who did not take the drug, an improvement in the lungs by 62 percent.

"The drug is very safe and its effects are not clear and officially recommended by the drug," he said. One way to get rid of COVID-19.

A Chinese company that received a drug license from a Japanese developer and received approval from the Chinese government last month to manufacture AVIGAN drugs. The company is producing a lot of these drugs as well.

China on Monday confirmed 21 new cases, with a total of 80,894 in China. The death toll stood at 3,237 and was cured of 69,614 as of March 18.