KUMAMOTO: Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe visited Kumamoto prefecture in southwestern Japan on Monday to assess the damage caused by heavy rains and floods in the area earlier this month.

According to Kyodo News, published on July 13, 2020, during his first visit, Abe visited the Senjuen Nursing Home, where 14 residents died after the floods. The Kuma River flooded and he also prayed for the victims.

In the village of Kuma, Abe met with the governor, Ikuo Kabashima, where 64 people were killed in a disaster that struck large areas of Kyushu.

"Under the policy, we do everything we can, we will do our best to achieve a speedy recovery," Abe told the governor. Kabashima called for more help from the government.

At a regional news conference, Abe said he would advise officials to prepare more than 400 billion yen ($ 3.74 billion) for the reconstruction budget, and the government will help secure housing. Urgently help small businesses in the affected areas. Translated by: Nay Tola