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Japan, the United States, and Canada have also begun testing the treatment of 19 patients with plasma. Blood Shoulder Who Heals From Kovir 19 In hopes that the antibodies contained in it can cure the deadly disease The malignant.

The Nikkei Asian Review reported today that a blood plasma test to treat patients with CAV-19 will begin. Starting in May.

In this treatment a blood transfusion of a person recovering from jaundice 19 is injected. Transfused into the blood of 19 other Kovis patients. It is hoped that the antibodies contained in your plasma to heal the disease will be able to cure the disease in patients with colon 19 Yes.

Plasma is a fluid that contains about 55% of the blood, and it also contains substances as well Vitamins, proteins, antibodies, etc., can help people become immune to the disease.

So far, Japan, USA, China and Canada have been testing plasma for the treatment of the disease. Ivory 19 ៕ (Edited by: Bopha)