The Government of Japan has decided to provide a grant of 4.501 million yen (about $ 41.4 million) to the Royal Government of Cambodia for the three major projects.

This afternoon, Japanese Foreign Minister Prak Sokhon and Japanese Ambassador to Cambodia, Mikhail Masahiro, signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MEF) of US $ 41.4 million in grants to Japan. The Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

During the signing ceremony, Deputy Prime Minister Prak Sokhon said that the US $ 41.4 million in grants provided by the Japanese Government to the Royal Government of Cambodia were to implement three projects:

1. 348 million yen (about 3.2 million USD) for the Human Resource Development Project through a scholarship program for talented young Cambodian officials to pursue master's and doctoral studies in Japan.

2.153 million yen ($ 19.8 million) for the improvement of health facilities, medical facilities and healthcare services at referral hospitals in Siem Reap.

3.000 billion yen (approximately US $ 18.4 million) for socio-economic development through the provision of medical equipment for the fight against HIV-19 in Cambodia.

The Deputy Prime Minister reiterated that on March 24, this year, the Japanese Government provided a total of 34,138 million yen (US $ 310 million) in grants and concessional loans for (a) expanding water supply in the city Takhmao (b) Mine Clearance and Assistance for Landmine Victims, (c) Economic and Social Development Program, and (d) Improvement of National Road 5.

The Deputy Prime Minister added that while countries around the world, including Japan, are facing considerable economic hardship and uncertainty due to the effects of the Kuwaiti outbreak, the Japanese government remains committed to supporting Cambodia's long-term development.

"The assistance signed today will improve our well-being and quality of human resources to achieve economic diversification and our aspiration to transform Cambodia into a profitable country," the Deputy Prime Minister said. Average high by 2030.

On behalf of the Royal Government and the people of Cambodia, the Deputy Prime Minister also thanked the Government of Japan and the people of Japan for these new Official Development Assistance (ODA) packages in addition to the generous assistance provided to Cambodia in the past. 1990's. Thanks to a large contribution from Japan's official development assistance, Cambodia has successfully implemented its Rectangular Strategy and has now reached its fourth phase and has boosted Cambodia's economic growth to more than 7% annually. The last 21 years. It is our hope that Cambodia will have a strong and rapid recovery from the effects of the Kuwaiti-19 crisis.

In that occasion, the Japanese Ambassador expressed his hope and conviction that through these three projects, it will benefit many people in the region and enhance Cambodia's ability to cope with other diseases. Particularly obese, especially 19.

Diplomats added that while he was very appreciative of the efforts of the Royal Government of Cambodia, which handled this difficult situation well, he hoped that we would continue to cooperate to overcome our obstacles in the future.

The diplomat also promised that Japan would move forward in cooperation with Cambodia.