Phnom Penh: Nearly 200,000 US dollars have been provided by the Japanese government to two provinces for the installation of water supply systems, small-scale pipelines and construction. The school building under the Grants for Small-Scale Human Security Project (Kusanoni grant) last week.

Japan provides US $ 187,682 for two projects, the first of which will build a small-scale piped water supply system on the island. Peam Reang in Prey Veng province and the second project for the construction of a school building at Snail Secondary School in Chey Sen district, Preah Vihear province.

Mikami Masahiro, Ambassador of Japan to Cambodia, speaks at the signing ceremony of a grant agreement for a small-scale security project on January 15. In the first project for the Cambodian Water Association, the Japanese government provided $ 96,775 to ensure access to clean water and Sanitation service safely managed through the construction of water supply system and installation of water distribution network in Koh Peam Reang, Prey Veng province.

"We expect about 1,300 people to have access to clean and affordable water through this project," he said. "I sincerely hope that this project will lead to better sanitation and improving their livelihoods."

For the second project, Japan provided 90,907 USD for the construction of 1 school building, 5 classrooms and 4 bathrooms, 1 hand wash. And 1 water storage tank at Snail Secondary School, Preah Vihear Province. The second project, Mikami Masahiro, expects to benefit 210 students and nine teachers by improving the quality of education and The learning environment also contributes to the healthy growth of students.

According to a press release issued by the Embassy of Japan over the weekend since 1991, in addition to the large-scale loan and grant scheme, the Japanese government has been Implement the KUSANONE program in Cambodia to assist local authorities and NGOs in implementing their projects. In the last 30 years, the Embassy of Japan in Cambodia has contributed to more than 600 projects through the KUSANONE grant.

On January 13, the Embassy of Japan in Cambodia also donated more than US $ 180,000 to the Japan PHJ Foundation for Strengthening Community Health Care. In Kampong Cham province. Mikami Masahiro said at the ceremony that for the project implemented by PHJ, the Japanese government provided 182,035 US dollars.

The grant program for the Japanese NGO project started in Cambodia in 2002. Since then, Japan has provided more than $ 41 million for 131 projects focusing on primary education, health, agriculture and cleaning. Mines in Cambodia.