As part of efforts to combat the spread of the new polio virus worldwide, the Japanese government has decided to provide medical equipment to Cambodia.

According to a press release from the Japanese Embassy in Cambodia on February 15, 2020, "The medical facilities provided to Cambodia include: 9,360 coats, 480 hand sanitizers, 540 safety goggles and 24,400 pairs of gloves, etc. "

The facilities are part of a series of self-defense kits which the Asia-Europe Fund (ASEF) has provided under the auspices of the Japanese Government and will be shipped to Cambodia from a warehouse in Singapore, the Japanese Embassy said. Coordination from the World Health Organization West Pacific Office (WPRO).

Japanese diplomats emphasize that promoting international cooperation is indispensable to prevent further spread of the new strain of varicella. At the same time, Japan wants to strengthen cooperation with Cambodia.

The Asia-Europe Fund (ASEF) was established in 1996 in Singapore as a permanent body of the Asia-Europe Meeting (ASEM), which has many activities focusing on the socio-cultural sector. By: Eng Boucheng