Photograph: Pha Lina / Phnom Penh Post The Japanese Embassy in Japan has said that Japan has delayed a three-month stay for expatriates, who are citizens Khmer can also apply for extension of stay as they struggle to return home due to closure Flight after the disease had 19 rabies In many countries.

According to the April 5 announcement, the Cambodian Embassy in Japan said: “To reduce congestion at the immigration office, Receive a change of residence permit and extend your stay permit request for 3-month expats March Main May or June.

The Cambodian Embassy in Japan confirms that this extension of stay permit applies to temporary residents and individuals applying for residency. In March, April, May or June, like newborns in Japan. But this permission is not valid for foreigners who use a specific work visa and are in the process of preparing to leave Japan.

On April 3, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Cambodia issued measures to facilitate the number of foreigners arriving in Cambodia from the 1st January and is unable to return home due to air travel restrictions following the outbreak of the disease.

Accordingly, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Cambodia has decided to extend the T visa for them until they can leave Cambodia Except for the visa overdue residency penalty. The measure takes effect April 3.

An embassy official in Japan, who asked not to be named, told the Post yesterday that due to foreigners, including tourists. And those staying in Japan with visas expiring in March, April and May find it difficult to return home. It was closed Japan's Ministry of Justice has allowed the expatriate to apply for a visa extension for an additional three months.

He said that in Japan there are more than 16,000 Cambodians, and there are also expired Cambodians. But he has yet to grasp how many Cambodians have expired in March, April and May.

"Then his validity is gone," he said. Then he can apply to the immigration office to extend his stay in Japan.

Ung Rachana, Cambodia's ambassador to Japan, told National Television of Cambodia in an interview on April 3. Japan has issued a favorable measure for Cambodians returning to Cambodia. However, it is not possible to return to Japan because of difficulties in obtaining air tickets or difficulty traveling to Japan .

“So they can ask for a one-month stay, so when the situation returns, he can go. Yes.

According to Mr. Eung Rachana, of the more than 16,000 Cambodians living in Japan, there are 913 students, trainees and more than 10,800 workers; The number of eligible Cambodian citizens living in Japan (not Japanese nationals but holding permanent residency cards) was 4,900.