SEOUL – President Meng Jian called on Sunday for national unity in the fight against the new virus, in line with the spirit of the independence movement, a century ago and calling for close international cooperation against an unusual threat. This includes a partnership with North Korea.

"The March 1 independence movement reminds us again of what we can overcome," he said in a televised speech commemorating the 1919 public uprising here against Japanese colonial rule. "As long as we're together, people will come together and overcome the crisis even today without fail."

While Moon was present at the official ceremony, which was scaled down at Paiwha Girls' High School near Cheong Wa Dae's office, South Korea's health authority announced an increase in confirmed cases. . The Korean Center for Disease Control and Prevention (KCDC) put the number at more than 4,000, up from 376 the previous day.

By Chhouk Bora