The Kompong Speu Provincial Police Commissioner said that Courageous driver refuses to stop when cops call in angry back patrol car crash 4 Faculty of Public Works in Kampong Speu

HYUNDAI Number plate Phnom Penh 2AN-9118 Traveling along National Road 4 from west to east when arriving at traffic light In front of the Kompong Speu Provincial Department of Traffic, the goal of monitoring the traffic police enforcement of the traffic police of Kompong Speu Provincial Police is being mobilized. Traffic police Rocketing the car to check in at 10:20 am, dated 17 January 2020.

The car turned in at the direction of a traffic police officer and stopped, but did not get off the car, and the driver stopped. Drive backward suddenly appears to be the intention to escape randomly, the car goes too fast, is not alert, then hit the traffic light sign. Illuminated orange for control sign Con tells travelers to be careful and slow down in front of goal.

“After the accident, the driver of the car opened the door and shouted at the police,” he said. Put a pole on the road to die! Yay! There the police sat there waiting to tell them! God, this woman is really strange to people on this planet … wait for the results to be revealed later. " Kolab