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Kampong Cham: Nokor Bachey Temple was built by the Khmer ancestors. Attracting people everyday, including national and international visitors, but since the Ivory Coast – 19 There has been an explosion of foreign visitors, while international guests have not even been to one.

His brother, Hormok, 62, said on the morning of April 26, 2020, that in Ta Prohm, Brahma entered from The laterite gates in the vicinity of Nokor Bachey temple before the above illness erupted daily. People from all walks of life, including Phnom Penh, Siamese Many other provinces and far-flung villages have come to pray or pay their debts at Ta Prohm in one day. Between 60 and 70 people say that this is a holy place.

He says since the start of the crisis, Ivory-19 disease has spread to people who have been There has been a 60% drop in robberies.

In fact, on the morning of April 26, 2020, a Brigadier and his wife were riding a luxury car with a pig. Twenty-one blinds came to grandfather after being robbed when his wife suffered a fainting accident His skull later recovered From the medical team recover. Then he brought his grandfather the pig for a debt.

Seng Phech, 38, who sells sugary drinks and beverages at the Nokor Bachey temple complex, said she had been trading at For many years, this could have been sold for between 5 and 60,000 riel per day The Kov-19 outbreak caused his earnings to drop by a day It sells for 1 to 20,000 riels.

Her husband was in a tuk-tuk business but didn't ride because he was afraid of getting infected and earning a living. Being able to survive every single day has been difficult. And for his family, he was kept clean, with family members often washing their hands with soap and mask To be infected.

Before the illness, a police officer at the provincial police headquarters, who was on the grounds of Nokor Bachey temple, said that before the illness. The above ruins at the ancient temple attract national and international visitors every day Especially on weekends, people come to visit B. And brides from all over the country came to take pictures of the temple. Daily.

But since the outbreak has been on the decline, the number of foreign visitors has dropped Also. With the guidance of the provincial police chief, the police force is on duty every day to prevent crimes so that Happen over time. Because in the past few years, there have been no police forces on guard for security upgrades, which is a chance to break the gang. Used to beat international tourists for money.