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Phnom Penh: A senior civil servant of the Cambodian Civil Aviation Authority has claimed that due to a 19-year-old outbreak of avian flu What about 90% of tourists, or nearly 100% foreign tourists, by the day? April 4, 2020.

Deputy Prime Minister of the Ministry of Civil Aviation, Sin Chan Serey Vutha, told a press conference in the morning of April 16 at the Council of Ministers. Tourists around the world have fallen, including Cambodia, which is also being affected by the disease .

In fact, Cambodia saw the worst outbreak of the disease in January, the number of tourists traveling in January Airlines lost more than 20 percent, while February lost more than 50 percent and March down more than 70 percent through April. 4May down more than 90%, almost 100%.

"We already know what the impact is on shipping freight," he said. What are the measures? The impact is not just on tourism, but on all sectors, so the government is targeting Six domestic airlines, with a minimum 10% tax exemption for three months. If the situation persists, the government will consider it. ”

When the company reached out, the government allowed the company to collect funds that had come to the sector, but had yet to repay, he said The state, which has about $ 11 million in debt (all airlines), has asked the company to delay payments but for three months. This must be a plan to prove the state is paying Which. However, he claimed that at this time the state was not clear, as things were not known at first That.

According to Chan Sereyvutha, tourists around the world have seen the loss of tourism. It is estimated that five out of five coronaviruses were recovered in five to seven years. That includes the timing and magnitude of the impact of the disease, and on how the state has helped. With customer confidence. Therefore, it is estimated that the number of tourist arrivals will decline by 201 to 5 to 7 years. You can recover.

The budget is expected to reach $ 450 billion worldwide, according to the World Tourism Organization.