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Battambang Province: “My piggy-back business still has good markets, both exported to overseas markets and markets. The province is unaffected by the new polio 19, "he said. This is the claim of Shu Vannak, aka Da, who owns a huge "puppet or piggy bank" craft. One place in Battambang city made of "plaster" powder.

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Soang Vannak's so-called 'piggy-saving' craft is located in a village in Bory. Workers, Svay Por Sangkat, Battambang Municipality. Seang Vannak spoke about the art of making this cartoon with Koh Santepheap on the morning of May 27, when she He was busy with his group of nearly 20 male and female workers. Said the master of the craft "During the time of the new outbreak of the disease, 19, so far, it has been very serious In other occupations, but it has not disturbed my piggyback business, there is still a market Good for both out-of-province and local markets. ”.

A multicolored art form of 'plaster' and richly colored in each of the images of the workers. Expertise is ready to print. Sheng Vannak's factory does not look sturdy, covered in heavy zinc. But there were no workers left idle. With this busy work, So Vannak said a group of nearly 20 workers were divided into different fields: printers There are cleaners, haulers, sprayers, and packers for distribution to customers. By market etc.

From the point of view of the images produced, there are mixed images that look like cartoons, but most are Mixed animals are not just one pig. Sheng Vannak described that "The artworks that I have created are artificially varied and colorful in a striking way." It is an image that is made to save money or be put on display. ”. The 33-year-old master of the craft has said that he and his husband's family initially worked in Phnom Penh but later. He also moved to Battambang province more than three years ago.

In terms of the "piggy-saving" market, Ms. Vannak called it "My piggy bankers are still in good market, not exported, either in the provinces or in the domestic market. The province, despite recent outbreaks of the disease, has hit other businesses or businesses. Right now my best pig market is Battambang and Siem Reap. ”.

Regarding the production, the owner said that in one day his craft produces about 300 different kinds of pictures. About half a ton of “plaster” powder is used. The finished product will be immediately shipped to the provinces and in the provinces. Because the order to buy was never left in stock. As for the price, she did not specify the price, but said that the price was on the small or the big one. And not just on the picture, it's the same price.

The art of making money-saving dolls or piglets has been found in Battambang, but there are many smaller. Except for only one of the so-called Ms. Da Vannak's craft, this is a big enough one. The product is sold out on the market, but most buyers are more likely to see the younger ones. They buy it to save money or play games.