The virus has killed more people in Italy than any other country, with 427 deaths a day, according to the BBC. The death toll now stands at 3,405, more than in China, where the virus originated last year.

According to the BBC's March 20, 2020 report, there have been reports of 3,245 deaths in China, but there are still doubts about the reliability of your data. Dying in China.

The closure of the entire country, which was introduced on March 12 in Italy, was extended beyond the original date of March 25th. Almost all Italians were told to stay in the house. Despite these measures, the number of new cases and deaths in the country continues to rise.

There have been 220,000 cases of the coronavirus or 19 infections worldwide, with more than 9,000 deaths.

China confirmed it did not have a new domestic case on Wednesday, the first non-communicable case since the outbreak began, a landmark event. But the report says there are 34 new cases of people returning from overseas.

The number of infections in China is more than 81,000, which is still higher than Italy's with 41,035 cases.

Italy shut down most businesses and banned public gatherings nationwide on March 12 as it tried to halt the spread of the virus. Most bars, restaurants and shops are closed, including schools and universities.

The shutdown was continued and Prime Minister Giuseppe Conte said it helped prevent the "system collapse", but told Corriere della Sera newspaper: "We will not return to life as quickly as before." No, notwithstanding the measures being finalized.

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