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Kompong Chhnang: As the sun is warming the earth without clouds to help cover at noon the waves The heat was rising, seeing the dawn as the days of childbirth. On a bridge made of bamboo bamboo boards, several sheets of paper were seen by a group of several workers busy raising fished fish. Instead, pour into the pond with tens of thousands of catfish waiting for food on time.

A roar from the water as a cloud of black catfish fished with some fish. Out of the water, lying on the undisturbed feed, forgetting the people who were watching them. It is true that while workers are feeding fish that will soon grow bigger and give more satisfaction, the owners The fish handicrafts were carefully watched and enjoyed.

However, the story behind the crab is nothing more than a happy cat. The head, when grown enough to sell, was destroyed by wild fish from the Tonle Sap Lake for up to four kilometers. It is also used in illegal fishing gear. Even the wind blowing from the fish pond seems to be a problem as the fish matter. Out of the deep purple water, it smells of fresh fish food that we can hardly stand. Near the mouth of the pond, not far from the sound of the grinding mill, the tiny fish roared in unison. This is the action of the workers, who grind up small pieces of fish into their daily diet.

The old man, who owns a fish farm, started to mention anonymously: he was a former Fisheries Administration official. Retire due to the negative effects of catfish. "Crab feeding has a serious impact on fish resources," he said. Cats are meat for food. Fishers must buy small fish from the fishing offense
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The former fisheries official said that when the floodwaters submerged the islands of some species, some hatched. For several days, they swam in the grass through the flooded dunes. "And then the fishing offense with the nets started," he says, lifting a glass of tea to blow the heat off. Marked before eating, he continued: "As you know! The term 'nets' is too tiny to even allow a trout to stand out. But the criminals came to the net as a fishing net. ”

"The nets are made of nets and made of fish to catch fish," the former fisherman said. Small and great, there is no more for the fish, the fish, the great-great-great-great-great-great-great-great-great-uncle. While he was still a Fisheries Administration officer, while cracking down on fishing nets, he found a netting once he raised his hatchet. The fish are no longer released back into the river in a single batch of millions of fish. Simply put, in an average of 10 to 20 kilograms of fish, about the size of an incense. Double that.

Given this view, fisheries law considers fishing nets a serious illegal tool. The owner of the fish farm added that starting with this problem, the Royal Government of Cambodia, such as the Ministry of Agriculture The decision to close the crab business for once was the reason for the crab's breeding. Fisheries resources have been depleted. But the ministry later allowed the re-enactment, but it was artificial feeding. These are to restore degraded fisheries resources.

However, the owner of the fish farm said that during the rainy season, all crab farmers buy their children. Grilled sea fish feed for catfish. Seafood is sold at 1,700 riel per kilogram, sometimes up to 2,000 riel, and when fish are sold. The strain can go up to 3,000 riel when it is really poor. But when the water rises, there are two freshwater fish enclosures that cost only 1,000 to 1,200 riel.

He says he has been working on catfish for over three years. This year, he has raised over 200,000 catfish in four ponds in each pond. More than half a hectare, the cat now weighs more than half a kilo. He said that raising the catfish takes six to seven months to start selling. According to the calculations, one crab caught from its first breeding until it was sold was 4 kilograms. If one cat eats four kilos of fresh fishes, then he has more than 20,000. Fish feed up to 800 tons.

According to Fisheries Administration Department officials, there are currently more than 500 fish farmers. In all provinces adjacent to the Tonle Sap Lake, some grow in ponds. There are two types of 500 fish species, some of which are artificial feeding fish, some called seed or carrot feed. There are more than 300 fish, catfish and shellfish, and the second type of fresh-caught catfish. There are more than 200 places.