Of course, in the case of the new Covid-19 virus, the normal mass value is known to be between Rs 300 or two. But as the virus is spreading to other countries around the world, including Cambodia, we have noticed a number of masks Took advantage of selling price hikes, while demand was high.

In fact, recently through a Facebook account called "Meng Heng Sheem", you were informed about a massage parlor. Chom Chao roundabout was clearly labeled with a mass of one selling for 4,000 Riel.

After seeing this, the social media player exclaimed to be a millionaire and look, Maiden, protect. More expensive than rice, this is a good sign for a billion-riel investment Demand for mass increases and prices continue to rise. Others are asking for economic authority to intervene.

It should be highlighted that at the press conference on March 7, 2020, HE Minister of Health HE Mam Bunheng confirmed that in case of mass sellers The Ministry will cooperate with the economic authority to intervene. Whereas you encounter a very expensive masseur, complain to the economic authorities for intervention. By: Hong Hong