Oknha Phirun Vichet Dara, founder of FT Express Express FT Cash Express Co Ltd, said that investing in legitimate pawn shop business will ensure social security and economic growth through proper business and contribute to national development. Cambodia too.

Oknha said at the launch of FT Express Express Co., Ltd. at FT Cash Express Co ltd on February 22, in Sen Sok district, Phnom Penh. Seeing the demand for legitimate pawn shops, so to accommodate the small business people in need of quick cash, so only the pawn shop company That will help them and have the proper registration of the Ministry of Economy and Finance in compliance with the laws of the Kingdom of Cambodia. ”

"I see that all businesses have cash flow requirements, while market players are in urgent need of money, so our pawn shops have a lot of flexibility, interest rates on Sundays," said the businessman. Or the month has not been that complicated. Our vision for this year is to open 15 branches in Phnom Penh, why we claim this because of the political stability we are good at and the real needs of our brothers, so we will expand our branch to complement our brothers. It is easy to grow and expand business very quickly, ”he said.

He added that if we want to invest in the movie industry, there is also open access to our shares and companies, which can be sold as shares or buy certain franchises together and we dare to invest more. Because we have a good partner while Cambodia is having peace throughout the country.

For Lay Lay, partner and entrepreneur of the Young Entrepreneur, Dr. Lay Kimcheng stated that choosing the right pawn shop is a good thing. This is a vision for those who are in trouble with money from banks and financial institutions, the need for documents, and longer time on borrowing.

FT Express Express FT Cash Express Co ltd is a different business from the pawn shop than the lawless pawn shop, which has the right customers' equipment, especially with similar hardware. Thus, there is guaranteed quality of car or motorbike and land title with clear warehouse in time of collateral and we mainly focus on small business people while the bank is very tight if the customer has a clear document will facilitate them only 1 The funding hours for businesses to turn around are fast.